“Attention Pollution”

I've always been sensitive about cell phones. Basic instincts have always told me constantly needing to check on something that wasn't in this moment couldn't be good for my health (or happiness). My family is of a similar mindset. There's an unspoken credo that we would not pull a phone out mid-conversation or check it at the dinner table without explanation. But… Continue reading “Attention Pollution”


On Moving: Leaving Behind Everything That is Safe and Comfortable!

A few months ago I wrote about making a big decision. Fast-forward, the decision's made and I'm about to move. I've lived in my apartment for seven years. The longest I've lived anywhere since I moved out of my childhood home in suburban Chicago to go to college in Vermont. Most of my friends have been in and… Continue reading On Moving: Leaving Behind Everything That is Safe and Comfortable!

Personal, Travel

I went to Cuba

I was looking for a turn-off-my-brain beach vacation. Hunting fares online that would plunk me somewhere warm and easy, with internet access. And then I found EXTREMELY affordable, direct flights from JFK to Havana, and it seemed silly not to - so we pulled the trigger - partner-in-crime was my boyfriend. Then the research began. Where to… Continue reading I went to Cuba

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Alt Summit Review

Well well well, I'm back from Palm Springs. I went with our team, as a sponsor. I've attended a lot of conferences: SXSW, WordCamp US, Northside Festival (I used to be the Festival Director!), and ICANN.  I got wind that I was going to Alt two weeks before the event and I didn't quite know… Continue reading Alt Summit Review


Ban the Ban

These are strange, dark days in our country. Though a platitude, I keep thinking this feels like the best of times and the worst of times. The bigotry, hatred, racism and isolationist policies swirling around the White House are horrifying and shocking. Watching our communities rise up, work together to resist, motivates and reminds me how beautiful people… Continue reading Ban the Ban