My first post!

I’ve been pressured into this. In a good way.

It’s a new year, and while I’m not wild about resolutions because I so often feel it’s a pass/fail dichotomy, I do relish intentional moments to be reflective.

I’ve always lived in places with four seasons, at each of those turns I notice my mood turn inward and reflective. Where was I at this time last year? What’s better? What’s worse?
Each jewish new year, which is usually in the fall (on the lunar calendar), gives me another chance at this pause.
And now we’re here – at the solar new year. 2017. A new president coming. And the first new year without my father.

In lieu of waiting for the perfect blog theme, the perfect image, the perfect story – I’m going to write about the things I’ve considered blogging about.

This is a blog post about not being quite sure how to start a blog.

Mindfulness – I’m meditating every day (another goal, not a resolution). I’m doing more yoga, I’m trying to notice how my mind works, patterns I’m primed for, and generally find a better awareness of how incredibly malleable all of our minds are if we try to notice. I thought blogging about this would encourage me to think about it more and maybe become a place where mindfulness resources, my failures or frustrations in mindfulness or favorite lessons on mindfulness would live.

Wat Suthat in Bangkok

Books – My goal a few years was to start a book club (nerd alert!), which I successfully accomplished just in time for the end of 2015. We’ve now been cruising for over a year and I’m truly reading way more! I’m always on the look out for which new authors are gaining traction and who’s making waves in literature.
I started the book club because I was addicted to my lost generation writers: Hemingway, Maugham, Fitzgerald, and I wanted to step into contemporary literature more. The book club got me there and (I hate to admit it) so did the Kindle! (Thank you, Boyfriend.) Maybe this would be a blog with book reviews, critiques, notes and highlights about the literary world. My blog version of literature class.

Listening to the ocean while I read is a “living my best life” moment.

Minimalism – This may be married to the mindfulness bit above; I’m really conscious of my consumption and how I want to approach this in 2017. I love fashion, I love making my home hygge-y. I like art, and cooking with kitchen comforts. I’m learning that minimalism doesn’t necessarily mean sacrificing what we love (nod to Marie Kondo).  I just want to make space for those things I love to be the centerpieces (the only pieces?) of my stuff-life. To create space for the intangible things like relationships, generosity, family, aspirations and creativity. Maybe this would be a blog about things like the Project 333, or the Netflix documentary about minimalism or the next Kondo book.

I bought this outfit days before vowing to get rid of 33 items from my closet.

Cooking, traveling, photography, film, New York!, New York restaurants, New York cultural happenings…The my-blog-might-be-about list goes on, but I’ll spare you the in-depth what-if’s from here.

So here is what my colleague told me to do at 5:28pm today:

“Just three rules and strictly stick to them. I suggest the following:

1: one post a day

2: it can happen that you skip a day, but never two days in a row

3: post only about things that you like”

So here we are. Maybe this will be a blog about failure. Wink.

Let’s see where this goes!

2 thoughts on “My first post!”

  1. Wonderful post! Great suggestions to live an amazing life as well. I love your thoughts on mindfulness, as my blog relates to mindfulness. So great! Thanks for sharing and I look forward to your future posts 🙂


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