Bathrobe Mornings

It’s MLK day. The news is distressing, hearing our president-elect call NATO obsolete, call civil-rights leader John Lewis “all-talk no-action.” I wake up feeling itchy and unsettled. I want to take action against all of this negative jargon, racism, bigotry, hate, and fear-mongering. But I’m sitting in my bathrobe, listening to NPR, drinking coffee, writing a blog post.

I’ve starting monthly donations to the places I support, like here and here.

I’m trying to stay appraised of the news, as much as I want to turn a blind eye. I’m updating my Feedly and even using Twitter for the first time, really, ever. I’m forcing myself to SEE what’s going on, as agitated and angry as it makes me. Because the worst thing I can do is ignore it. To continue to drink my coffee in my bathrobe and pretend we are safe and we are fine, until this racism, bigotry and hatred affects me directly. I want to pay attention now, and make sure I’m ready to act to preserve our country, my community, my friends, family and colleagues. I don’t want to wake up one day and realize that my rights were slowing slipping away and I let it happen.

I’m trying to decide if I should go to Washingon for the Women’s March.

What can we do to stay agile and vigilant as this new (illegitimate) president may slowly take away our rights?





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