Ban the Ban

These are strange, dark days in our country.

Though a platitude, I keep thinking this feels like the best of times and the worst of times. The bigotry, hatred, racism and isolationist policies swirling around the White House are horrifying and shocking. Watching our communities rise up, work together to resist, motivates and reminds me how beautiful people can be.

Seeing friends from my childhood, college, travels abroad, people I’ve lost touch with from my past all posting on their social networks the actions they are taking to push back against these unreasonable policies – these are the actions and moments I find strength in.

My friend and his wife are matching donations for the ACLU, a former coworker is protesting with their three young children day after day in Boston, friends drove to D.C. for the Women’s March, another connected me with a team gathering our Senators phone numbers and writing up a script to call and recite week in and week out depending on the most pressing issues.


I want to remain vigilant, I want to help resist these illegal, unreasonable, and fear-mongering policies. I also want to remember to be thankful that the people around me are helping to keep me motivated, to keep the conversation and the action going.

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