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Author Highlight: Otessa Moshfegh

I know she's not reading this because she said she doesn't read reviews, but every once in awhile Googles her name to see if people are talking shit about her on Twitter. Last night I went to hear Otessa Moshfegh read from her new short story collection, Homesick for Another World.  She wrote a book called… Continue reading Author Highlight: Otessa Moshfegh


How We Can Remain Vigilant in the Face of Authoritarianism

As we head into Donald Trump's inauguration, I felt strengthened by this post from Amy Siskind, President & Co-founder of The New Agenda, about keeping track of small and subtle changes that we notice. The point here is to avoid waking up one with without any of our civil rights, thinking "how did this happen?" Of course this harkens… Continue reading How We Can Remain Vigilant in the Face of Authoritarianism


The Anatomy of Decision-making

I'm trying to make a decision that has been floating in and out of my head for months. It's driving me crazy that I can't find a comfortable resolution. Just decide, own it, act, done. Instead I am going back and forth, trying to assess it from all angles, talk to friends, my mother, my grandmother,… Continue reading The Anatomy of Decision-making


Bathrobe Mornings

It's MLK day. The news is distressing, hearing our president-elect call NATO obsolete, call civil-rights leader John Lewis "all-talk no-action." I wake up feeling itchy and unsettled. I want to take action against all of this negative jargon, racism, bigotry, hate, and fear-mongering. But I'm sitting in my bathrobe, listening to NPR, drinking coffee, writing a… Continue reading Bathrobe Mornings

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Podcast Binging

A few weeks ago I was listening to a podcast (which one was it?!). Before the podcast started the host recommended two other shows. One was the first fictional podcast, called Homecoming, about a caseworker (Catherine Keener), her boss (David Schwimmer) and her patient, a soldier hoping to return to civilian life (Oscar Isaac), at… Continue reading Podcast Binging